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I love how alex is really sarcastic and lighthearted about tweets telling him he’s “a faggot who needs to kill himself” but if you correct his grammar he will personally escort you to the gates of hell

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“You listen to devil music.”


You’ve just watched your favorite band play their set, and now they are having a meet and greet. You stand in line repeatedly telling yourself “They’re just normal people, they’re just normal people.” But no matter how much you repeat it, you can’t believe it. You’ve just seen them on stage, singing for an hour non-stop, the stage lights bouncing off of their sweat giving them this other worldly glow. You’d just stood there, staring up at them, screaming your lungs out with them, hoping that they would see you, touch you, that one tiny drop of their sweat would land on you. You’ve just seen all that, and there’s no way you can see them as just a normal person. And when you see them there, waiting to meet you, or see their faces in a magazine, you never once think that they might not be there the next day. They can’t die, it’s not possible. They have to be there to inspire you, to lead you, to sing to you. Then, one day, you get a text from a friend, or you sign on to your trusty social network, and you gasp, you see the news that they are dead. You go through these stages. The first stage is “joking”. You laugh, thinking that someone just started a rumor and you can’t believe that people bought it. But then you see the post from another band/musician, and your stomach drops. Stage two, denial. You try to convince yourself that it’s just a nightmare, some stupid, horrible nightmare. You pinch yourself repeatedly, but then, you realize that the pain from those pinches can’t compare to the pain you are feeling in your chest because you know it’s not a dream. Stage three, pain. You start off by searching through every post, just to see their name. You look through millions of pictures of them, and watch every video on youtube with them in it. You sob because you can’t believe that this beautiful flame is fading. You watch and read and all you can think about is how they’ve helped you through so much, their lyrics have gotten you through the toughest times of your life. Their music was the only thing holding you to this earth, and you fell asleep every night to their glorious voice instead of your sobs. They meant everything to you, and now, they are gone. Leaving behind them a legacy and mourning fans and family. 
Mitch Lucker, you were my hero, my inspiration. You were that voice I fell asleep to, you wrote those lyrics that helped me through so much. Knowing that you are gone, it breaks my heart, and I’m crying not only for you, but for your daughter and your new wife, the pain they are going through, I’m sure it’s unimaginable. I was so looking forward to seeing you on December 7th when you opened for Asking Alexandria. I was ready to scream until my throat was raw to all of your songs. So tomorrow I shall sing your lyrics, and celebrate your life while I mourn your death. 
<3 Rest In Peace Mitchell Adam Lucker <3

Holy fuck I’m sobbing cause the first paragraph all I could think was “oh my god what if it was Anthony Green”
Tried something new today.

i dunno why but this makes me laugh so hard

Austin Carlile discussing how Mitch Lucker inspired him and his music career

Rest in peace, Mitch

Vic what are you even doing omfg
its like he just switched on kellin’s on button
Kellin’s on button. Omg.
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Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil.


mitch i miss you <3